Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the Mountaineer Veterans Garden of Honor.

I've (Lydena Wyatt) been given too much credit for coming up with the idea. While it's true, I did, but it still wouldn't have been possible for this idea to materialize, if not for Monica Smathers Venable and the L.Z. Rainelle WV Veterans Reunion Committee for financing the flags. Emma Michelini was a major driving force behind the project as well.

The volunteers that planted the flags worked tirelessly to plant over 11,000 flags I two days were my husband, David Wyatt (Stretch), my step-son, David A Wyatt (Boots), Lanny Michelini, J.w. Puckett, Markus (Kickstart) Holliday, Clark, Dave (Phone man) Harvey, and George (George Goodman. The L.Z. Rainelle WV Veterans Reunion Committee owes you a huge debt of gratitude. You guys ROCK!