Moutaineer Veterans Garden Of Honor

LZ Rainelle Veterans Reunion will have this display Memorial Weekend. Over 11,000 flags. One for each WV soldier killed since WWI, through Present.  Click here for map. 
​Information from Levi: 

I have the preliminary figures and it looks like 11,476 flags will be displayed. I will be checking again.

Keep in mind that these figures are based on the figures that the government has as official casualties. The early wars may have figures that are off because they never had the technology to keep track of soldiers home states as correctly as we do today. Another thing that might cause an inconsistency that has been brought to my attention is some soldiers had recently moved to other states and that address was used, making them residents of other states. We can't possibly find these things out. We honor every soldier with this display no matter how many flags are displayed and we honor every American soldier even though that number is over 600,000 and it's not possible to put a flag up for each of them, they are on our minds and in our hearts. ~ Lydena Levi Wyatt